Dental Braces

Dental braces are fixed orthodontic appliances to help in the correction of teeth that are out of alignment. It improves the function of your teeth, aesthetics of your smile, allowing you to glow with confidence and boost your self-esteem!


Benefits of braces

With misaligned teeth, it will be challenging to brush and floss effectively. This could lead to periodontal (gum) disease and tooth decay as oral biofilm bacteria accumulates and flourishes in the pocket spaces. Wearing braces straightens your teeth and allows you to clean areas that were previously unreachable. Therefore, it essentially improves your overall oral health.

Wearing braces helps to straighten the alignment of your teeth and improves the aesthetics of your smile. With straight and well-aligned teeth, you will be able to smile with confidence and boost your overall self-esteem! 

Protrusion of teeth may pose a higher risk to dental injuries as a result of playing sports or falling down. These accidents could cause a chip or fracture of your tooth, or even having an avulsed tooth. Realignment with braces will decrease the likelihood of injuring your teeth should an accident happen.

With malocclusion, you may find yourself accidentally biting onto your inner cheeks while chewing. Your jaw may also feel sore as a result of having to compensate for your teeth’s alignment. Therefore, straightening your teeth will realign your bite and increase your overall comfort during mastication.

Our cheeks, teeth, lips and tongue are all involved in the harmony of pronouncing words. Some cases of malocclusion lead to lisping of words as your tongue is restricted to a limited position in the mouth.

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