Dr Lim Tse Chiun

BDS 2005, National University of Singapore, Singapore 

Dr Lim graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the National University of Singapore in 2005. In the years since, she served in various government institutions prior to leaving for private practice.

Dr Lim strongly believes that patient education and preventive measures are key tenets in comprehensive dental care. Her approach to dentistry leans heavily toward conservative treatment. To this end, she consistently strives to marry minimally invasive options with predictable outcomes, and is dedicated in helping all her patients achieve this balance.

Outside of work, Dr Lim has slowly yet steadily been working toward full certification from the Underground College for Crazy Cat Ladies. It is with pride that she reports the completion of modules such as: Intro to Cat Collecting, Yarn Arts 101 – Crochet, and Advanced Sudoku.

Dr Lim lives in a wondrous apartment in Singapore filled with gluten products, peanuts, pet dander and other allergens. Her visions of utopia involve mystery novels, comfy chairs and small furry animals in plentiful supply.