Dental Fillings

Filling is a type of dental restorative material used to repair and restore tooth decay and minor tooth fractures to its original shape and normal function. Early signs that indicate you may require a filling include sensitivity to cold, mild pain on biting or food getting stuck frequently.


Things you need to know

1. Composite Resin
Composite Resin is a tooth-coloured filling material known for its high strength, wear resistance, ease of application and great aesthetics.

2. Glass Ionomer Cement
Glass Ionomer Cement is a tooth-coloured filling material known for its fluoride-releasing and de-sensitizing properties which help to prevent recurrent caries.

  1. Prevents the progression of tooth decay

    Without receiving treatment for tooth decay, plaque and food debris will continue to be easily trapped, allowing bacteria to invade and progress deeper into the dentine layer, eventually causing pain. Fillings are used to restore the areas of decay and prevent further deterioration.

  2. Cost efficient
    Compared to dental crowns, dental fillings are less costly and are often completed in a single visit.

  3. Maintains the function of our teeth
    Fillings repair the damaged area and restore the normal function of our teeth.
  4. Maintains the aesthetics of our smile
    Decay of the front teeth can be restored with a tooth-coloured filling material. Therefore, it maintains the aesthetics and allows you to smile confidently.
  5. Preserves tooth structure
    Preparation for placement of fillings involve removal of only the decayed structure, thereby preserving tooth mass.

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