Teeth are made up of multiple layers of both hard and soft tissues. Hard tissues consist of Enamel, Dentine and Cementum while Pulp is the only soft tissue. Enamel- the hardest calcified tissue in our body, is the visible, outermost layer that protects our teeth. Dentine is the middle layer supporting the enamel and surrounding the inner pulp. Pulp houses the nerves and blood vessels, therefore allowing us to sense any changes in temperature, pain and/or sensitivity.

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Why do I suffer from a toothache?

Toothache is a sensation of pain that you feel in or around your tooth that can be caused by several dental problems. Characteristics of pain can range from mild to severe pain; sharp, throbbing pain to dull, intermittent pain. Common causative factors of toothache include untreated tooth decay, impacted tooth, cracked tooth, broken filling, gum abscess or tooth infection. Depending on the cause of toothache, treatment will be advised accordingly. Visit our dentist now if you are experiencing a toothache!

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